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EPi — Electrochemical Products, Inc.

EPi has been a leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of chemicals for the metal plating and metal finishing industries. Our headquarters are located in New Berlin, a southwestern suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are just 80 miles (130 km) north of Chicago, Illinois.

We supply customers worldwide with an extensive line of products in the areas of electroplating, metal blackening, corrosion inhibitors, antiquing and oxidizing, metal cleaners, metal brighteners, surface preparations, trivalent chromate finishes, and phosphate finishes.

Over our 50 year history, we’ve introduced a number of “industry firsts” such as:

EPI has also been recognized with numerous awards for new product development and innovation:


EPi has recently developed three high corrosion resistant trivalent chromates:

  • E-Chrome™ Ultra Blue is a blue bright single-dip chromate with superior salt spray resistance to white rust to 150 hours.
  • E-Chrome™ Ultra Yellow trivalent chromate also resists salt spray up to 150 hours to white rust and is bakeable, producing 300 hours resistance to white rust.
  • E-Chrome™ Ultra Yellow 600 yellow trivalent results in 600 hours of salt spray.

Our specialty includes hot black oxide, room temperature metal blackening, and metal antiquing.

EPi’s vision is to lead the world by caring enough to make a difference though chemistry. Since 1954, EPI has provided fast delivery (1-2 days), superb technical advice, and outstanding laboratory service – all at competitive prices.

EPi is now distributing AD Chemicals from the Netherlands. Their Anodizing processes, including AD Hardcoat 93 which allows you to anodize at 30°C (about 86°F), increases productivity and saves energy costs with lower voltage and less cooling. Also, it is slower dissolving of aluminum and has lower sulfuric acid concentration. No rinsing is required after applying PreCoat. It costs less to apply than a hexavalent chrome process.

AD and Fastseal products seal at 88°C (about 190°F), saving energy and increasing productivity by 30%. It is Qualnod approved and contains no nickel.

AD Chemical's Precoat CF pretreatment for aluminum replaces hexavalent chrome, saves you money and does not have to be rinsed. View the AD Precoat Chrome Free Brochure.


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