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Room Temperature Black Oxide


Room Temperature Black Oxide - 65º-85ºF

EPi's INSTA-BLAK 333 is Fast, Durable, Time and Cost Efficient, and produces a finish Simply Superior to any other room temp black oxide.

INSTA-BLAK 333 requires little equipment setup, and requires little wait time. INSTA-BLAK 333 makes it easy to retain production control, perfect for "in house" blackening.

Benefits of Room Temperature Blackening (65-85º F - Phosphoric Acid, Selenium and Copper Bath)

  • 1-5 minute blackening time (faster than any other black oxide process)
  • Versatility: blackens cast iron, forged steel, mild steel, tools, powdered metals
  • Deposit of Copper-Selenide
  • Ion Exchange Selenium and Copper rinse water
  • High energy cost savings
  • Satin grey/ black color

                  General Information/ Process Notifications

  • No heating necessary
  • No ventilation required
  • No caustic fumes produced
  • Low capital costs

Insta-Blak 333 GEL

Room Temperature Swab-On for Architectural Steels/Touch-Up Black Finish for Iron and Steel.