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Zinc Diecast

EPi offers a wide selection of chemical cleaning solutions that are safe for zinc diecast.  These solutions can be applied by soak cleaning.

E-Kleen 163

Neutral phosphated multi cleaner for aluminum, brass, copper, steel, zinc, and stainless steel. Ready-To-Use for aluminum and other metals.

E-Kleen 125

A powdered mixture of surface agents, detergents, suspension agents and buffers which is dissolved in water for the fast effective cleaning of copper, brass, steel and zinc diecast.

E-Kleen 140

A powdered mixture of surface-active agents, detergents, suspension agents and builders, which is dissolved in water for the fast, effective cleaning of zinc diecast surfaces without attacking the surfaces.

E-Kleen 163-A

Non-etch Neutral Phosphated Multi Cleaner for Aluminum, Brass & Zinc.

E-Kleen 173

A combination electrolytic and soak cleaner for zinc diecastings, as well as copper, brass and steel.