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CR+3 Chromates

Trivalent Chromates Finishes for Multi-Metals

EPi has a wide selection of trivalent chromates for aluminum, cadmium, bright nickel, zinc, and zinc nickel.

EPi has two product lines for trivalent chromates. E-Chrome Ultra is a quality line of chromates for zinc, delivering fantastic colors and incredible salt spray protection. Epi's E-PASSivate is a brand new, innovative and durable product line of passivates for zinc, aluminum, and cadmium. E-Passivate is the perfect solution for passing salt spray tests.

PASS your Salt Spray Tests with Flying Colors!

EPi has a complete line of trivalent yellow chromate and trivalent blue chromate processes for zinc plated, zinc diecast and zinc galvanized processes.

Today’s zinc chromates processes have developed with zinc trivalent chromates to meet European Union initiatives. Trivalent chromates are much more environmentally friendly than hexavalent chromate processes. With EPi's innovation in trivalent chromate technology, EPi has met European Union initiatives such as the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment (RoHS).

Want to find our more about EPi’s chromates? Read our Trivalent Chromate FAQ page. Read technical papers about new discoveries with trivalent chromates, presented at Sur/Fin 2008 (NASF – National Association of Surface Finishing Conference).