There is a small fee for samples shipped in the continental U.S. This can range from $10-$75. Products shipped outside the continental U.S. can be subject to certain restrictions. Freight charges may range from $75-$300.

E-Chrome Ultra

E-Chrome Ultra Trivalent Sample Kits available.

E-Chrome 867

Trivalent Clear Chromate for Zinc-Nickel

E-Chrome Ultra Blue

E-Chrome Ultra Blue

High Corrosion Resistant Trivalent Blue Chromate.

E-Chrome Ultra Yellow

High Corrosion resistant trivalent chromate. E-Chrome Ultra Yellow is a two part iridescent trivalent chromate that provides up to 150 hours salt spray resistance to white corrosion with out a topcoat. It does not rub off like other yellow trivalent chromates as it will pass the thumb test. E- Chrome Ultra Yellow offers more UV protection and does not fade in the sun like other yellow trivalent chromates.

E-Chrome Ultra Yellow 600

E-Chrome Ultra Yellow 600 process offers zinc alloy corrosion protection 600-700 hours to 5% white rust / 800-900 hours to red rust. Now a zinc plater can get zinc alloy results only using zinc plating and E-Chrome Ultra Yellow 600.

E-Chrome Ultra Yellow Red

E-Chrome Ultra Yellow Red has resulted from our customers who did not like the yellow-green of E-Chrome Ultra Yellow. The salt spray resistance approaches 200 hours, utilizing one tank and no topcoat.