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EPi offers a variety of electroplating chemical processes for metal finishers. When it comes to electroplating and chemical plating, EPi is a leader in the industry. EPi’s electroplating chemicals are of extremely high quality. Zinc plating, nickel plating, and copper plating chemicals are just a few of the many metal plating solutions EPi has to offer.

Electroplating Chemicals

EPi developed a single additive cyanide copper electroplating process in 1954 using the now famous E-Brite 23-11 brightener and a single additive nickel plating process in 1961.

EPi was first in the electroplating industry to develop a production-proven, non-cyanide, non-pyrophosphate, alkaline copper electro plating process, the E-Brite 30/30 process in 1991. It is an excellent strike bath on steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, zincated aluminum, die cast zinc and white metals. It makes an outstanding heat treat stop-off plate as well as a decorative copper plate.

The E-Brite 200 acid copper plating process is the best leveling acid copper available and is unsurpassed in brightness, ductility and resistance to treeing and burning. It has excellent buff ability – the easiest to buff acid copper on the market.

EPi uses non-cyanide copper to plate the back of an iPod at Sur/Fin 2008. Check out the YouTube video.

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What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the process of using an electrical current to coat an electrically conductive object with a thin layer of metal. If you are interested in learning more about the electroplating process; check out the section on the Electrochemistry Encyclopedia.

With a proven electroplating track record, EPI has proven their ability to deliver product as promised.

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