There is a small fee for samples shipped in the continental U.S. This can range from $10-$75. Products shipped outside the continental U.S. can be subject to certain restrictions. Freight charges may range from $75-$300.



EPi leads the world in all types of copper plating processes.

What is copper plating used for? Copper plating is used for heat treat stop off, steel wire for electrical use, decorative, solder, and as a copper plate prior to subsequential plating processes on steel, aluminum, high quality zinc die cast, magnesium, electro less nickel, lead, brass and copper substrates. 


There are five types of copper plating processes:

  •   Alkaline Non Cyanide Copper
  •   Acid Copper
  •   Cyanide Copper
  •   Copper Plating for Magnesium
  •   Printed Circuit Boards


Watch our YouTube videos for Copper Plating an iPod and Copper Products that were presented at SUR/FIN 2008.