There is a small fee for samples shipped in the continental U.S. This can range from $10-$75. Products shipped outside the continental U.S. can be subject to certain restrictions. Freight charges may range from $75-$300.


E-Brite 200

Bright Acid Copper Plating - An acid copper plating process which produces a highly leveled and exceptionally bright, ductile deposit with low internal stress.

E-Brite 202

Acid Copper Plating - Bright acid copper for high speed plating of wire and grounding rods.

E-Brite 203

High Throw Acid Copper Plating for Barrel and Rack Plating

E-Brite 205

Non Dye Acid Copper Plating offers a single additive process that reduces costs and downtime from pitting problems and carbon treatment while increasing brightness.