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Alkaline Non Cyanide

EPi is synonymous with copper plating performance. In 1987, EPi's developed its alkaline non-cyanide E-Brite 20/20 process. This was followed in 1993 by the development of E-Brite 30/30, which is Boeing Approved for Heat Treat Stop Off. EPi’s latest alkaline non-cyanide copper plating process is our E-Brite Ultra Cu, which offers outstanding adhesion to zinc die cast.  This was developed in 2003.

E-Brite 30/30

Developed in 1993, it is Boeing approved for Heat Treat Stop Off. It is an Easy to Use One Tank Process that Eliminates Cyanide.

E-Brite Ultra Cu

A unique non-cyanide alkaline copper plating process for all metals and offers superior adhesion on high quality zinc diecasts. Developed in 2003.

E-Brite Ultra Cu RTP

Ready to Plate E-Brite Ultra Cu for smaller applications.