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EPi is the approved distributor of AD Chemicals’ complete anodizing line throughout the USA.

Anodizing of aluminum has been used for many years using the standard sulfuric acid anodizing baths and nickel base sealers. Now in the EU there is a Netherlands based company that has developed HEA additives and a new nickel free sealer that produce the same results as standard sulfuric acid anodizing and nickel base sealers. The new HEA additives and nickel free sealer save energy (rectification & cooling), potentially increase production output, and produce an excellent anodized film layer.

What is anodizing? 

It is the electrochemical process that performs a protective coating of aluminum oxide on the aluminum surface. Industrial scale anodizing has been around since 1923.

Why do people anodize aluminum?

  • Durable and highly abrasion resistance
  • Does not peel or chip like organic coatings
  • Appearance is translucent and can be dyed to achieve many colors
  • No VOC’s during the anodizing process

Read more about High Efficiency Anodizing or view a Power Point presentation on Anodizing presented at the 2011 Aluminum Anodizers Council Anodizing Exposition.