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Zinc phosphate coatings for iron and steel are used as oil based corrosion inhibitors. They are also used as a paint base. Attractive black finishes and a corrosion resistant finish is available when sealed with one of EPi’s E-Tec oil based corrosion inhibitors.


E-Phos 660

Microcrystalline zinc phosphate by immersion or spray. A calcium modified formulation which produces a fine-grained crystalline coating on iron and steel.

E-Phos 661

Low-Temp/No-Nickel Heavy Zinc Phosphate

E-Phos NCr Seal-Z

Non-Chromated Zirconium Base Final Rinse for E-Phos Iron and Zinc Phosphate Processes & Aluminum Passivation

E-Prep B-3

For Black Phosphate Finishes on Steel