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EPi's line of powerful, corrosion resistant sealers have incredible salt spray protection capabilities. E-Seal 1000, 1002 and 1007 all offer up to 300 hours of salt spray protection to white rust and 500 hours to red rust. Yet each sealer has one component that tailors to the needs of our customers.

EPi's E-Seal line is compatible with zinc plating and passivation processes. These are the links to E-Brite zinc plating, E-Chrome Ultra hexavalent chromate and E-PASSivate trivalent chromate.

E-Brite Zinc Plating

E-Chrome Ultra


E-Seal 1000

E-Seal 1000 is a high performance organo-silicate sealer for zinc plated and passivated parts.

E-Seal 1002

E-Seal 1002 is a corrosion resistant, bendable sealer for zinc plated and passivated parts. E-Seal 1002 can be bent up to 90 degrees and still retain its salt spray protection up to 144 hours.

E-Seal 1007

E-Seal 1007 is the most advanced EPi sealer. E-Seal provides up to 300-500 hours of corrosion protection and up to 850 hours when combined with EPi's E-PASSivate 360.