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Water Displacing Oils

Water Displacing Solvent Based Formulations

The E-Tec formulations are solvent based rust and corrosion inhibitors and lubricants for ferrous and nonferrous metals.  They rapidly displace moisture from metal pores and recesses leaving a thin, transparent film which seals out moisture.  The films are continuous, polar and nonconductive. They will not gum-up under high temperature and high humidity conditions.  They are harmless to plastic, rubber and do not contain silicone.

Recommended Uses:

  • They can be applied to wet or dry metal parts for protection while in process or storage.
  • Used to seal and enhance the depth of black of EPi’s Insta-Blak and Ultra-Blak black chemical conversion metal finishes.
  • They provide excellent protection for unfinished dies, jigs, tools, machine surfaces, office machines, firearms, fasteners, automotive and marine equipment. E-Tec 501 and E-Tec 502 penetrate and loosen rusty “frozen” parts.
  • The nonconductive E-Tec 505 film dries and lubricates electrical systems, equipment, contacts, switches and motors without interfering with their proper operation.

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E-Tec 502

Water Displacing Rust Preventive