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Water Soluble Oils

Water Soluble (Emulsifiable) Formulations

Several of EPi's corrosion inhibitors are formulated with emulsifiers enabling them to be diluted with water to form an  oil-in-water emulsion. The characteristics of the deposited corrosion inhibiting films can be varied from oily, slightly oily, or “dry-to-the-touch” non-tacky films . Film thickness, dry time, and coverage varies with the concentration.

NOTE: If difficulties are encountered in obtaining a good emulsion (milky white solution) due to the hardness of the local water, the addition of 3% by volume Butyl Cellosolv is recommended. Emulsions are readily obtainable with water and D.I. water is recommended for charging a new tank.

E-Tec finishes may be removed with solvents, chlorinated solvent vapor degreasers or with EPi’s E-Kleen alkaline soak cleaners.

E-Tec 510

Water Soluble (Emulsifiable) Rust Preventative

E-Tec 512

Water Soluble (Emulsifiable) Rust Preventative

E-Tec 515

Water Soluble (Emulsifiable) Rust Preventative