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E-PASSivate Blue

High Corrosion Resistant Trivalent Blue Bright Chromate

E-PASSivate Blue is a Single component, single dip blue bright trivalent chromate that offers high salt spray resistance of up to 150 hours to white rust versus only 16-24 hours with hexavalant per ASTM B-117. Resistance to red rust is typically 240 hours, depending on zinc plate thickness. No additional top coat is required to obtain this high degree of corrosion resistance.

It produces a true blue conversion coating without yellowing problems on alkaline non-cyanide and chloride zinc plated deposits and galvanized zinc surfaces.  It is also used as a conversion coating on zinc die-cast surfaces prior to powder coating.

E-PASSivate Blue also can replace a hexavalent sealer used for nickel plated surfaces.  If you are looking to improve your barrel nickel process so that it gets more polish, a brighter finish and a color that is almost chrome like, E-PASSivate Blue is your choice.

It is simple to control and is operator friendly.  It can be utilized with automatic feeder equipment.

It produces a beautiful blue bright trivalent chromate to meet automotive and all other industrial standards.

E-PASSivate Blue is a stable bath with long life.

Tank conditioning prior to E-PASSivate Blue is essential when transitioning from a hexavalent to a trivalent chromate.